You are ready to experience individualized coaching and guidance in gymnastics, weightlifting, powerlifting, jumping and throwing together to form the best strength and conditioning program. Every day, every class, we will help you achieve elite fitness!


Fundamentals consists of 6 classes in the course of 1 month (2-3 classes per week). Where you will learn proper technique, movement patterns, and mobility exercises.


We start every new potential member with complimentary 45-minute Introduction Session. This session gives you a chance to see our facility and how we do things here at Black Bolt CrossFit!

Personal Training



Mobility helps to Resolve Pain, Prevent Injury, and Optimize Athletic Performance. You will be given information and tools needed to be able to move more efficiently and learn movements faster!

Nutrition / Supplements

At the conclusion of every Fundamentals class our coaches will touch a variety of nutrition topics including Paleo recipes, Zone prescription and bulk meal prep.


High Intensity Interval training style geared for those looking to #LeanUp or #TightenUP!