#TransformationTuesdayThis is a long one #BoltNATION but it is an amazing story! Paige has put in so much #hardwork over her time here at Black Bolt and we couldn’t be more #proud of her and all of our #BoltsHere is a little bit about Paige :)(more on link in bio!) .What brought you to CrossFit?​My boys were playing ice hockey at a high level and needed a summer workout program. Dr. Jason Williams introduced me to OB and said he played hockey so would know what the boys needed to train specifically for their sport. The boys and I met OB at the gym when he was drilling the rig in preparing for the gym to open and he shared with the boys what he could do for them…they were all in! For two weeks I drove the boys to Black Bolt every day and sat in the lobby and worked while they trained. Everyday OB would come over and ask why I was not participating. My response was always the same, I'm an overweight mom who is way too old to start a strenuous workout routine at this point in my life…there is no way I could do CrossFit! I had convinced myself that I was exactly where I was supposed to be in life, a good wife, a good mom, dedicated real estate agent and overweight…no time or energy to take care of myself and I thought this was 'normal'. After hearing the same thing every day, OB basically challenged me and essentially told me to show up the next day ready to work out and he was not taking no for an answer. Somehow OB had figured out that while I was overweight and inactive, I still had a very strong competitive spirit and when that was challenged, I took action. I showed up and darn nearly threw up that first day while trying to back squat with a baby bar but I did it, and came back the next day and the next and now I am the one who is completely addicted to CrossFit. …#BlackBoltCF #BoltUp #BoltNATION #HardWork #Dedication #fitness #community #carync #raleigh #powerlifting #weightlifting #CrossFit #fitfam #strength #power #commitment

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